Monday, December 15, 2014


As you know I have been doing weddings for 20 years, but this weekend, I heard the best BEST MAN'S SPEECH so far!!!    Here it is:

It's funny, Bro, the way things happen are not always the way things will eventually turn out.  If you're smart, you'll see stuff coming, and you can create the happening so things turn out your way.  Bro, we've been going at it for a long time.  About 20 years.   We've been friends longer than some of our siblings have been alive!  We've had the best of times - typically surfing - and we've had the other times, too.    And I could not be happier about being here tonight, and I could not be more proud of you.

Bro, life's a kick!   In the 24 years I have under my belt, thought it feels more like 204 years, the greatest thing I can say to you both is:  Life is a KICK, MAN!   ALL THE HARDEST PARTS ARE THE BIGGEST JOKES.  THE DEEPEST STRUGGLE ALWAYS BEGATS THE MOST SATISFYING REWARD.  THAT'S THE KICK, AND THAT'S THE CATCH.  YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN.  YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT.  WORTH THE STRUGGLE.

You are a virtuous man, my brother.  As long as you remain so, and as long as you keep your eye on the ball, (and you know how I have to work at this myself), you will get what you want.  

Don't argue.
Give and receive love.   
Don't create separation or division. 
Have Faith and never forget that darkness cannot exist in The Light.
Today is a great beginning for the two of you.
And things will only get better.
Enjoy Yourselves!!!

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