Monday, November 14, 2011

The bride's brother came early and made all of the sand castles that encircled the place where Jess and Rick said their vows.  This was another one of our ll/ll/ll weddings.  There were eleven weddings at the beach that day!   

Global Wedding Ceremony in Laguna Beach

This bride came from Figi with her three neices who were her bridesmaids.  The groom was a very tall, dark and handsome German-Japanese and his Best Man was French Cajun.  We had a gorgeous sunny day at the beach for the ceremony on ll/ll/ll.    There was a group of students from Chicago who were attending a conference at UCLA who were visiting Laguna Beach that day.   The conference simulated a meeting of the United Nations, and each studen had been assigned a country.  The students lined up and made the "aisle" for the bride to walk down.     I felt that we were all in sync together, participating in the future of what life on earth is going to eventually become.   Loving and being loved is all there is!    

Out of the Box Bride

When you are getting married for the second time, and you've already had the "big wedding" the first time, why not just be yourself!   This bride looked real and sexy at the same time, wearing her blue jeans and a lovely silky cranberry top.  She picked up the cranberry color in her bouquet.   The groom also wore blue jeans and a white shirt.  The kids wore blue jeans and various colors of tops.  The bride had 2 children, a boy and a girl, and the groom had 2 children, a boy and a girl.    It was just the six of them at the ceremony.