Monday, November 24, 2014

New Ring Thing!

Here's a new ring tradition for Vow Renewals! I did a 25th Wedding Anniversary for a couple from New York. The husband gave his wife a

toe ring "as a symbol of his love and a sign to the world that she is still

his wife!"

how old were you when you got married?

I recently married a couple at the gorgeous St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point. The groom looked very young to me but he was very much in charge of the wedding, had made all of the plans, and conducted himself maturely and in confidence. The bride was delighted with the beautiful red and white rose bouquet he got for her.   When I signed the marriage license, I noticed that he was a mere 18 years old!  And she was 35 years old.    It was a first marriage for both of them, and they said that they knew the moment that they looked into each other's eyes that they were to be together.  She told me that she had been waiting for him.  

kissing at sunset

prettiest dress of the year!

This is the prettiest dress I've seen all year.  And the bride's girls were all in purple with purple and white flowers.  We had an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach - warm and balmy - beautiful blue skies.  The bride had the bridesmaids and groomsmen already down at the beach and she walked in with her dad and had the flower girl and the ring boy walk in right in front of her.   Her music was:  Marry Me by  

children at a beach wedding

Brides ask me about having children at their beac

Global wedding

This bride came to Laguna Beach from Figi.  Her 3 neices from Figi were her bridesmaids.  The groom was Japanese-German and his Best Man was French

Christmas in Laguna Beach

12/13/14 Wedding Date

Hi Ms. Last Minute Bride!   Do you want one of the hottest wedding dates of this year?
I have 12/13/14 available!!!   The bride and groom who had reserved this date are going to wait until next year to have their celebration so that certain important family members will be able to attend. So:
I have a permit available for 12/13/14 for some lucky bride to be married at the beach in Laguna  Beach, California!!!    We get the sunsets in the ocean in the winter in Laguna Beach.    First person to call me at 949-433-3129 gets this date!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I received a Thank You today from a bride I married way back in 2003.  They did an elopement,
and this is what she said:

Dear Marcy Ann, YHou officiated our wedding at Picnic Beaqch back in 2003.  It was just me and my husband-to-be and I want yu top know that it was the most romantic thing I have ever done.  We have been happily married now for ll years and still very much in love.  I have thought of you often over the years and just thought I should let you know how much we appreciated your patience and graciousness on our special day.  (We were veryt late for our appoint, but you waited for us!).  And the rest is history!!

We are thinking about renewing our vows - and I would love for you to be the one to officiate that too.   I will be contacting you probably next year at our 12th Anniversary!!!   Thank you again so much.

April and Denny

Of all of the different types of wedding ceremonies that I do, the ELOPEMENT is definitely the most romantic, because ----- it is all about just the two of you.  No complications, no worries, no stress --- just the two of you saying your vows to one another and giving all of your attention to just each other.    I recommend an ELOPEMENT to anyone who is getting married - first-time brides, second marriages, vow renewals.   It is "the most romantic thing" you can do for yourselves!!