Thursday, September 12, 2013

Live-streaming your wedding

We are live-streaming this bride's wedding back to all of her friends and family in Kansas who did not come out to California for the wedding ceremony.  They watch in "real-time" - the ceremony was at 4:30pm here in California and they watched it "live" in Kansas at 6:30pm.   And they all got to talk to the bride and groom afterwards and wish them their congratulations!   We invite them all to tune in on their computer through Go-To-Meeting.

Kansas-Disneyland Bride

Every year, I have a couple come from Kansas to be married at the beach in Laguna Beach.  This is my Kansas bride for this year.   And they had been to Disneyland and found the sparkly Mickey Mouse ears in a shop there, and she chose to wear them as her head piece!   From the Happiest Place on Earth to becoming the happiest person on earth on her wedding day!!

Bride's Bouquet - no flowers!

This bride made her bouquet from momentos from her entire life - she mounted them on a styrofoam ball covered in purple satin.   It was beautiful and so meaningful.  

Rocks and Sand from Germany

My bride brought sand and rocks from the stream that ran by her childhood home in Germany and we also used rocks and sand from the beach in Laguna Beach.

Just the 3 of them

Video and photos of bride's daughter while our celloist plays.

After the ceremony, we had cake and champagne!