Monday, October 21, 2013

20 years together and now they can be married

I took this picture during the ceremony.   This is Jess and Karen.  They have been together for twenty years and now they are being legally married at the beach with over 100 of their friends and family there to celebrate with them.   In this pictures, Jess is singing to Karen.  They wanted to release butterflies to remember those that had passed, because both of their mothers and their fathers are now passed.  And Jess is singing Ave Maria to Karen while the butterflies are being released.   When we first got to Laguna Beach, it was fogged in.  And the whole reason for being married at the beach was to get the sunset pictures.  So my helper Linda and I had a conversation with the fog.  And we explained that it was SO IMPORTANT to these 2 women to have sunset wedding pictures, so we needed for the fog to leave.   So by the time we got down to the sand, the sun was out on the land, but the fog was still hanging out over the ocean.  But by sunset, the photographer told me that the fog had "vanished!" and Karen & Jess got their sunset pictures!