Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reveal Moment

This bride and groom wanted to set up a "reveal" moment before the ceremony.   We were starting their pictures 45 minutes before the ceremony.  Usually, the "reveal" moment is when the bride walks down the aisle but since they were doing pictures before, we set up the reveal moment for them.   The reception was one hour away from the beach.   So everyone needed to leave right after the ceremony to get to the reception.  So we did all the pictures before the ceremony.    

Pink & Yellow!

We had a "rare" summer "storm" here in So Cal last week so it was cloudy at the beach.  No rain but no sun either.   However, these two girls brightened up everything in their hot pink dresses and yellow rose bouquets!  

"Children" in the wedding

This is Roy with his English Mastiff dog Huntington and his sweet rescue dog Stella.   These are the bride and groom's children for now -- and they had to be in the wedding!     Huntington & Stella stood right by Roy all during the ceremony.     "

Sunday, July 21, 2013

From the car to down the aisle to Mr. & Mrs. to Pop the Champagne to First Dance

This couple chose July 19th as their Wedding Date because that was the date of their first date.  This location is Crescent Bay Park in Laguna Beach, California.   Gorgeous!

Darling daughters at mommy's wedding

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This past weekend, I married a family!!    This bride and groom have been together for years and this is their lovely family, 3 girls and finally, the boy!!     They finally got the marriage license and made it all legal.  I took this picture as the family walked down the aisle.   And we did the FAMILY BLENDING OF THE SANDS CEREMONY.   The bride and groom took the sand from under their feet and put it in the Keepsake Container and then each one of the children poured in their sand.  The oldest girl wanted purple so I told her that purple is the color of royalty and that they were all royal sons and daughters of God.  The second oldest girl wanted orange.  I told her that orange was the color of harmony and asked her if she was the peacemaker in the family.  Her mother quickly said,  she just likes orange!   The 3rd girl wanted pink and I told her that pink is the color of love and love is the glue that holds a family together.  And finally the boy chose red and I told him that red is the color of passion and passion is the energy of the heart.   Then I showed the Keepsake Container to all of the guests and said,  Isn't this a beautiful family and all of the guests clapped with enthusiasm.  When this couple said their vows, I could tell that the words that they said to one another were from the depths of the experiences that they had already had together as a couple.  They proclaimed their love for one another with deep love in their eyes for one another. 

Shell bouquet

This is the first totally all shells bouquet I've seen!    The bride ordered the bouquet off of the internet and when it arrived, it seemed too small to her, so she added on all of the bigger shells that you see.  It turned out SO PRETTY!!    

Live Music at your Beach Wedding

Adding live musicians to your beach wedding creates another dimension to the romantic ocean location.
Lex and Rich played their hearts out this past Saturday while we gathered the guests in the gazebo area in Laguna Beach.  All the guests as well as all of the other people at the beach Saturday enjoyed the medley of love songs they played and Rich also sang as he played the guitar.   When all of the guests had arrived, I sent the groom down to the sand while I waited for the bride.  Lex and Rich also waited with me.  And then Lex and Rich escorted the bride down to the sand while they played The Wedding March.  

Monday, July 1, 2013


There is no more romantic way to get married than an ELOPEMENT.   Just the 2 of you!
All of your energy is directed and devoted to the person you are marrying.  No distractions, no worries about all the details of a big wedding, no complications, no family drama.  Just the 2 of you, expressing your love for one another in a sacred place.   And there is no more romantic sacred place than Mother Ocean!
This past weekend I did 2 elopements at the beach.   As you can see, the waves were huge!  
One bride wore black and the other bride wore white.   Here they are:

At one of these elopements, we also cut the cake and did the champagne toast for the pictures.

Her bouquet was gorgeous!

California marriage laws are very simple.  You can fly into California any day of the week, stop by and pick up your marriage license and I'll meet you at the beach at sunset!   xoxoxoxo Marcy Ann 949-433-3129