Monday, October 17, 2011

beach wedding

This is a picture from up on the cliff looking down on our beach wedding Sunday October 16th.
What a gorgeous day!!  All the guests are gathered around the bride and groom
while they say their vows.   FYI, if you want a beach wedding, and you have
guests who can't go up and down stairs to get down to the beach,
remember, they can watch from up above. 

getting ready at the beach

While the bride was on her cell phone to try to see when her bridesmaid would arrive, she held the mirror for one of the groomsmen to tie his tie.    The bridesmaid didn't plan her time very well and as it turned out, she was still on the toll road about 45 minutes away.  So the bride asked one of her guests, a good friend, to step in and be the missing bridesmaid.  Her dress didn't match the other girls, however, no one was upset about this. Or even said anything about it.  At a wedding, guests NEVER wonder about anything.  It is the bride's day and guests figure, if that is what the bride wanted, then it's OK!   And guests are just happy to be there.

fancy socks

These groomsmen bared their legs to show their fancy socks!  The bridesmaids were all in hot pink dresses, so the socks matched!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remembering Mother

These are sisters and their mother had passed.  The bride had her sister be her Maid of Honor and the Maid of Honor's bouquet had a necklace on it with a picture of their mother.  We said in the ceremony that we knew that their mother joined us today from Spirit.     

New Daddy

This bride married her U.S. Marine and this highly decorated soldier will now be the role model and father-figure to these three boys. Since the Marine wore his dress blues, the bride dressed her boys in military garb!

children at your beach wedding

Can you have children at your beach wedding?   Can you have children in your beach wedding?  The answer is yes and yes.  What will children do at a beach wedding?  They will play in the sand!    This bride brought sand buckets and shovels and other beach toys, and while the bride and groom are taking their pictures, the kids had a ball!   Remember, sand is kind and forgiving.  It is not mud.  It will not stick to clothes or stain or damage clothes.   Kids can play in the sand and yes, you will have sand in your car going home, but sand is fun!  Sand is harmless.  So let the kids play in their wedding clothes.  These pictures are of the flower girl and ring bearer.  They didn't want to leave they were having so much fun!