Friday, February 28, 2014

Who is the Best Person to do your beach wedding?

Hi Everyone!  I have been doing beach weddings now for 20 years in Orange County California and a couple years ago, I decided to localize my business to Laguna Beach California.  In the 20 years of working all over Orange County, I had a lot of girls work for me.  I trained them to work at the same standards of perfection that I require of myself.  And now that I am only working in Laguna Beach, these other girls now have opened their own businesses and they go to all of the other locations in Orange County.    Recently we had lunch together, and we discussed how we could best serve the brides who are looking to be married at the beach.  Since all of us seem to be receiving requests for information from the same brides,  we have decided that we will decide which one of us is the best person to handle that bride's wedding, and we will all refer the bride to that one person.  This way, the bride gets the best person to do it and the rest of us do not need to make a presentation to the bride, which saves us money and time.   So  if you want to be married in Orange County California - at the beach - let us tell you which one of us is the best person to do it!!!