Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Dates for On-The-Sand Beach Wedding

Hi Ms. Beach Bride, I have checked the tides for 2012 and here are the best dates for a wedding on the sand: 
April 6th or 7th
April 20th or 21st
4:00pm  May 4th or 5th
4:00pm May 18th or 19th
May 25th or 26th
June 8th or 9thy
June 22nd or 23rd
July 6th or 7th
July 20th or 21st
August 3rd or 4th
August 14th or 18th
Sept. lst or 2nd  4:30pm
Sept. 7th  5:00pm
Sept. 8th  6:00pm
Sept. 14th  4:30pm
Sept. 15th   3:30pm
Sept. 21st or 22nd 5:00pm
Sept. 28th or 29th  3:30pm
Laguna Beach has the prettiest beaches but they are small so they wash out at high tide.  We have high tides at the full moon.   If you have handicapped, wheelchair or elderly, the best beach is Picnic Beach as it has a ramp for people to get down to the beach.  There are 26 steps to get down to North Main Beach or Diver's Cove beaches. Laguna does not allow chairs, but most people who live in California have a beach chair, and guests can bring their beach chairs if they need seating.    Laguna Beach is the ONLY City that allows weddings on the beach in the summer months of June, July or August.   These are the busiest months as Laguna Beach also has the Pageant of the Masters during July and August.   Beach permits are non-exclusive use of the beach but it will guarantee that there will not be another wedding at your permit time.   If I was a beach bride, I would be very unhappy if I got down to the sand and there was another bride there having her wedding, too!    All eyes should be on you and only you!  And everybody at the beach will also be watching you walk down the aisle.    

Monday, January 2, 2012

Beautiful Bride at the beach January lst, 2012   80 degrees in Laguna Beach!

Mia and Michael and Caleb are starting the New Year as a family with proud grandparents and aunts and uncles!